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Do you really know what's running in your Chrome browser?

"If you're a regular user of Google's Chrome browser then you're probably aware of the effect it has on your laptop battery life. Google has previously promised to improve battery life with Chrome, but most of the quick fixes haven't made a big difference yet. Microsoft has been busy conducting its own series of battery test experiments in the meantime, to prove what we already know: Chrome drains your battery..."

Microsoft shows how bad Chrome is for your laptop's battery....

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Giveaway for one of my inspirational art posters! #littlewomen

Have you heard?

The blog In the Bookcase is giving away one of my own art print creations... this one is an inspirational poster! The text on it comes from Louisa May Alcott's Little Women.

Inspirational Literary Quote Poster

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3 winners will be chosen! Contest open internationally.

#Winner of Etsy Shop Makeover Prize!

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4D Printing is a thing of the future!

"Surely you’ve heard of 3D printing, which is the printing of objects out of materials like plastic, concrete, and even steel. But did you know the technology has been around since the 1970s?

Or perhaps even more surprising is the fact that soon we will be progressing to the next stage of this technology: 4D printing."

3D Printing Evolves to 4D: Here’s What We Know So Far....

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