Information about Holding a Contest

I love hosting giveaways for online shops! 
Holding a giveaway contest for your shop and offering a prize will bring in a lot of new interest for your products! I have really learned that a giveaway provides a spark like no other type of promotion. There will always be much attention focused on the company that is offering a free prize. I can help you out by hosting the giveaway myself, promoting your products, and taking care of all the marketing involved to make sure we reach a big audience.

How will people enter the contest?
In the blog post that will contain your contest, I tell about the prize & about your shop. This allows people to know about your products and what you do. Then there is a form for the entrants to fill out if they want to put their name in the drawing. They will get 1 entry in the contest by leaving their name & email---a simple entry everyone can do. Then there are additional options they can do which gives them 1 bonus entry for each thing, meaning they have more of a chance at winning. (This includes me sending them to your shop to look around and leave a comment about what they like there... following your blog, Twitter, Facebook, or newsletter.) For each thing they do, they feel good because they're getting another entry for doing each of these tasks, and at the same time, you're building up new followers who will be reading your posts from now on. If they want more entries, they can also share about the giveaway on Twitter/Facebook, which spreads the word and brings over more new people to do the all those things again for their chance to win. Of course, these bonus tasks are purely optional---if they don't want to do any more entries than just the first one, they do not have to.

How is the contest being promoted?
Leave it to me, and I will be doing a lot of promoting during the time of your giveaway. Daily, I connect with giveaway linkies, directories, and social media, which will bring a lot of traffic directly to the giveaway post. For a look at the link-ups I use the most, read this article: How to Promote Blog Giveaways.

There will be tons of people stopping by and checking out your items. And because new visitors will be browsing your shop, or visiting on your blog/Twitter/Facebook, you'll have a chance to post things for everyone to see, and encourage those people to look at your products again. Many of the shops that I've held a contest for in the past, have told me that they have had extra sales because of the advertisement.

Want to see an example contest?
Take a look at some of my past giveaways.

What does this promotional service cost?
You have 2 options, depending on which is the better fit for you and your shop.

BASIC GIVEAWAY: I will host your giveaway, heavily promote your shop, and bring in a lot of advertising. Each contest I host requires much work in advertising that will take hours each week. Mostly, I just want to guide a new audience to your products!

PREMIUM GIVEAWAY: As part of a whole team of bloggers, your giveaway will spread across the internet and bring in a very large audience to see your brand. As part of our Berry Handmade program, you can have several bloggers talking about your products, instead of just one. We do more than just giveaways, by providing other services, such as Reviews and Spotlights. Read details >>>

My blog readers LOVE free products, so whether you're giving away a specific item, or a gift certificate to your shop, it is going to attract a lot of new potential customers!

I hope maybe some of this gives you some info & answers about holding a contest on my blog. If you want to know more about anything, just contact me!