How to Promote Blog Giveaways

How to Promote Giveaways

The best thing I ever found are "giveaway linkies". They are awesome! I love going to other people's blogs and linking to my current giveaways---it means instant advertising for me and for the shops sponsoring the products in my contests. Other people go to these linkies to find prizes they want to win, so if you're listed there, more people will find you. It was after I linked up on several of these that my giveaway entries starting coming in.

Unless otherwise noted, these linkies are ongoing. If text appears [within brackets] that means the list is updated on that day, or other details about the particular linky. If you know of some other awesome giveaway link-ups, please tell me about them and I'll mention it on this page.

Time-saving Tip...
Before I continue on with the huge list I have compiled, there is another FANTASTIC thing I must share! When you go to each of these blogs and type in your giveaway title, the link to the giveaway, & your email address...every single time, on every one of these sites... it is tiring, even when you copy & paste the same thing. ----- My HUGE tip: Download a free program called PhraseExpress.  In it, you create what are called hot-strings that contain just a few letters, and PhraseExpress interprets the hot-string and inserts a pre-set phrase or sentence you have assigned to that code. For example:

I type %ti  (my abbreviation hot-string for 'title') and the program will automatically convert it into Win *prize name* at PixelBerryPie. Contest ends May 2. (or whatever you want it to say!)
Then I type %link  and the predefined link to my giveaway post appears instead.
For my email address to appear, I type @pb
{These are codes I made up myself... you can use any code you want to make a long string of text appear...with punctuation, letters, numbers, etc.} Anyways, PhraseExpress really crops out the extra time I spend copying & pasting all this info for every site, when I just type in a few letters and the full test appears for me. This is especially wonderful if you have multiple giveaways... then you can assign a hot-string code for each giveaway title, and each blog post link. It makes posting to linkies much easier. So, check out the free program >>

To go on with my list of giveaway linkies...

Low Entry Giveaways

Rafflecopter Giveaways
[post on Facebook wall]

Etsy (or handmade) items Only

[International contests only / post on Facebook wall]
[Canadian contests only]

Giveaway Directories

Last tips to share...
Make sure to post about your giveaway several times on your Facebook/Twitter (etc) pages, so that it catches everyone's attention. I did this several times, and it seemed like each time, more of my followers "found out" about my contest. It helps to do it at different times of the day, depending on which people are online.

Other online sites that share entire lists of giveaway linkies:
[daily list, Mon-Fri]