The Weekly Shop Hop .:. December 31st - January 6th

When the Weekly Shop Hop begins, at this point, I usually show you a few items I've discovered on Etsy in the last week... but with Christmas gone now, all the sweetness and loveliness seems to be taken out of the items left to pick over. Maybe next week I'll return with some great handmade products I've found... but the joy doesn't seem to be in it for me this week, since the items can't be Christmas-related anymore. Anyone else with me here on that? Just raise your hand.

In the meantime, I thought to just show off a few of my own items in my Etsy store. Take a look here, and then scroll down the page to join in the link-up showdown. Can't wait to see all of YOUR beautiful items this week. Maybe seeing your items will inspire me!

Chocolate Delight (Printable Business Card Design)


Elegant Black & White Etsy Banner (set of matching 6 graphics)


Pink Orange Green Etsy Banner (set of matching 6 graphics)


Pink & Black Chic Damask (Printable Collage Sheet)


Antique Typewriter Keys (Printable Collage Sheet)


And of course... if you need to know more about me and my graphics, just click over to my Etsy shop to see everything I sell.

Now.... it's time to link up your shops!!! 

Both Etsy & eBay listings are welcome, along with anywhere else that you sell your products!

Simply click the blue "Add your link" button below and fill out the form, linking to either your shop home page, or a specific item you'd like to share.

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