Pixel Berry Pie's Shop Hop .:. August 1 - 14

Welcome to the August edition of my Shop Hop! Here everyone is free to link up your shop or commercial website. It's fast advertising for your products! Last time around we had over 400 people checking it out--and there was with only 90 links, so think of how much all these beautiful products are being seen around the world! I'm eager to see what you're all going to link up this time.

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2 Handmade Cards - "Hello" all occasion note card

$5.20 from CardInspired

Polymer Clay Golden Cat with Flower pin or magnet

$8.00 from Coloraudia

Pizza Thumb 4Gb USB Flash Drive

$47.91 from SmallIdea

5 Chalkboard tags

$6.00 from TheShabbyChicCottage

Barnyard Red and Ladybugs, MaryJane baby shoes

$22.50 from kathydee

tumbled tile coasters - hydrangea

$10.00 from serenitylane

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  1. Thanks so much for this opportunity!! :)

  2. That pizza flash drive is adorable!

  3. Thanks for the opportunity! That kitty is so cute!

  4. Thanks so much for this opportunity!

  5. Thank you, PixelBerry. I so appreciate your opening up your blog doors so wide and letting all us little chicks inside.

  6. thanks so much for featuring the coasters! what a great site -- will have to make it a "regular" stop!

  7. Thanks so much! I enjoy being a part of your blog link up! What a great selection of items and shops! :)

  8. Thanks for letting me list. It's such a great idea.

  9. Thanks so much for hosting! I love that pizza thumb drive - hilarious. I have a link up going on for Featured Etsy Artists so please feel free to stop by and link up!

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    XoXo Nicole Mariana