4 things to help your Etsy shop today

If you haven't heard some of the big announcements from Etsy headquarters yet, take a moment here to learn about what's changing and how this will affect your Etsy shop.

• First off, we're now past beta mode with calculated shipping. The new shipping option is available to all U.S. Etsy sellers now. Rejoice! No more making guesses at what to charge the average Etsy buyer when shipping prices can greatly vary -- this is especially helpful for sellers who ship Priority packages or who sell Internationally. (Read the details: Calculated Shipping Now Available for All US Sellers)

• The next bit of news from Etsy is the new payment methods they are accepting. The new methods include both Google Wallet and Apple Pay. As long as your shop is set up with Direct Checkout, you're good to go! This is great news for the shops on Etsy, as it provides easier ways of your customers making their payments to complete their purchases. (Read the details: Mobile Payment methods are being added to Direct Checkout!)

And, finally, to leave you with some fresh ideas for revamping your product keywords and improving your shop's visibility on Etsy's search... Check out both blog posts that The House of Mouse has shared on the subject...

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