Bright Alphabet Inchies on Sale

Time for the 2nd part of my Pink & Red themed Valentine's Day sale! (there are many MORE parts to come before this sale is over) Be sure to jump in when the item you've had your eye on goes on sale!

This digital collage sheet I'm featuring today is made from a lovely bright pink. But what is so great about it, is that you pay the price of 2 sheets, but you're actually getting a set of 3. What are the other colors you will be getting? The truth is... any color you choose! The original 3 I have in this set are...Deep Blue, Petal Pink, & Lime Green.


I have another set just like this, but different colors. It doesn't have red or pink in it, but I decided to go ahead and put it on sale at the same time as the other set. It has... Bright Purple, Cheery Orange, & Turquoise Blue.


And remember... you can actually choose ANY combination of 3 colors you'd like for these alphabet inchies. These are just the pre-made ones I've come up with. Buy ANY 3 colors of this design and it's only $5. View these items in my shop by clicking ~here~ and ~here~. Happy Shopping!

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