Tutorial: Movin' to Bloglovin' (Goodbye, Google Reader!)

It's official. Our faithful Google Reader, daily providing an updated viewing of our favorite blogs, is now leaving. We have until July 1 to give it our final regards.

Movin' to Bloglovin'

With this removal of a popular tool, we've been given a call to action. Another RSS blog reader must be found. I've been hearing about Bloglovin' for months. Really, it's more by trend that by choice that I'm trying it out now. This website provides a similar service to Google Reader, and if you decide to start using it, then I have a tutorial for you below!

Tutorial: Grow Your Knowledge

You can import your Google Reader subscriptions right into Bloglovin', so getting settled into a new RSS blog reader is a cinch.

Ready to move to Bloglovin'? Join me!

1: Sign up.

Sign up on Bloglovin'

2: Confirm your email address to complete registration (this requires a visit to your inbox).

3: Import from Google Reader.
Import your Google Reader to Bloglovin'

Click the blue Allow Access button:

Allow access to Bloglovin'
Wait a bit...

Importing to Bloglovin'

4: And finally, check out your new blog feed viewer!

Bloglovin' feed view

Reading your favorite blogs is now going to be in a different format than it was in Google Reader. However, Bloglovin' is an adequate replacement, especially since blogs everywhere seem to be migrating there. Other RSS readers are out there too, so if you're not completely satisfied with Bloglovin', you can still decide to move your daily blog reading somewhere else.

Make sure to also read Part II of this tutorial. Learn the extras you need to know about Bloglovin'.
If you have a moment now, follow my blog on Bloglovin' while you're on a roll. Also, please pin or share this post if the tutorial would be beneficial for your followers. Thanks berry much!


  1. Actually, I joined up with Bloglovin' some time ago, even though I don't have a blog. I am able to follow, but why doesn't our user name show up. I'm not positive what mine is, so how do I find out. I looked at the Q&A's and I saw nothing about this. Bloglovin' really is for bloggers, but I have been asked many times to follow on Bloglovin'. Thanks!

    1. Hi Mary ~ Bloglovin' is a great site to keep track of your favorite blogs, that's for sure! Finding your username is quite easy: Go to Bloglovin', and in the top right corner, you'll see your name. This is the public name that everyone else sees when you follow their blog.

      You also have another username, and it can be found by clicking on your name in the top right corner (and a menu will pop up), and click on Settings. On that page, you can view/edit your public name or your username.

      I hope this helps you out! Let me know if you have any other questions.

  2. I really don't use my Google Reader (preferring GFC from my dashboard) but I'm going to sign up for Bloglovin' anyway, in case they take GFC away too! I've been checking into it, and Bloglovin' seems to be the easiest, and the one more bloggers are moving to.
    Thanks for the tutorial -- very good instructions!