A Bigger Market Isn’t a Better Market? #etsy

In the online handmade community, there's an interesting article buzzing around. It has caused a bit of a controversy, as the article states that Etsy is leaving behind the true artists and creative minds that sell on Etsy. Bold words, I must say!

Here's a few tidbits from the article in question:

Etsy is the fifth most-visited marketplace site in the U.S., after Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Best Buy.

A Bigger Market Isn’t a Better Market. There are more than 30 million items listed on Etsy right now. That popularity is, of course, great for Etsy. But new hobbyist sellers, desperate for clicks, often price their products so low as to make real profit an impossible dream.

Indie craft’s whole purpose from the outset was to meet your makers and consume conscientiously. Now, when you ask your friend where they got that cool... cross stitch sampler, they'll tell you, "I bought it from Etsy"—the maker’s identity is secondary, if noted at all.

Etsy Has Homogenized Indie Craft. If you want to make it big on Etsy, you don’t necessarily want to make things that fulfill your creative dreams; you just want it to get onto the front page and sell like hand-felted hotcakes.

— Continue reading on WIRED: How Etsy Alienated Its Crafters and Lost Its Soul

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